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I'm Sarah. 20 years old. Writer, novelist, cat-lover. OUATime, fairy tales, lions, Beauty and the Beast, books, Terraria, deviantART, Rumbelle, vampires, magic, Labyrinth. David Bowie, Robert Carlyle, MJ. Elisabeth, Phantom of the Opera. Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cassandra Clare. Want to know anything or get to know me, message me!
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Aug 28 '13

ANTM, Cycle 20, Ep 5

Alrighty! Moving on to episode 5! I’ve got to honest: this episode wasn’t overly exciting for me. I don’t know if it’s the set choice, the photo ideas… Just kind of eh for me this week. However, I of course have my opinions of the photos. I’ll show and discuss my favorite guy and girl and least favorite guy and girl.


Cory - He’s incredibly masculine in this one, which is out of his comfort-zone of femininity. He really pulls of straight in this picture, which is great development for him as a model. I’m really proud of him. He look sexy, suave, and those facial bones! AH!

Jiana - Once again, she’s my favorite girl. She’s elegant, sophisticated, sexy… Look at her face! Look at her legs! She’s so editorial; she’s selling the clothes, the makeup, the shoes, the idea that she lives in a trailer park and that’s her man. Brilliant job, Jiana!

Least Favorites:

Alex - Awful body shape. Weird booty tooch, if that’s even one. Her face is pretty, but it’s boring. I feel like she’s some random girl standing with some random dude, both who don’t know what they’re doing. She doesn’t look like a model at all.

Jeremy - I don’t get him. He looks like a 7 year old with pecs. He’s awkward, out of tune with his body, cocky when he shouldn’t be. This picture doesn’t shape him in a flattering light. It just don’t know why he’s in this photo.

I have high hopes for Don, Marvin, Chris and Nina. I love them all, but others over shined them (for me) this week. However, I wish them all good luck. Can’t wait till text episode.

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